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You want to carry your vision into the world?

Together we will work out a solution how to present your vision to the world, how to illustrate your work, ho to share your mission or how to bring your vision into matter.

With your input, we create an attractive web presence for your project, a unique logo for your brand, attractive print designs or beautiful digital layouts.

Or are you looking for support in organizing a retreat, seminar or workshop?Together we plan, calculate and organize your event to make your retreat or seminar a reality.

With my experience and my creative work, I like to support innovative and conscious projects that act according to ethical principles and contribute to a sustainable world and a holistic, healthy, conscious and fulfilling lifestyle with their work.

My focus is on projects or individuals working in areas such as personal growth, holistic health, alternative healing, sustainability and spirituality.

Does your project relate to areas such as…

  • alternative healing methods, healthy living & healthy eating
  • spiritual practices (e.g. yoga and meditation), transformation work & energy work
  • conservation, animal welfare & earth protection
  • indigenous tribes & ancient knowledge & shamanic traditions

… or any other area that would fit into this category? Then I’m sure we can find the right solution for you.

Whether you are…

  • a individual person, practitioner, teacher or coach
  • an organization, association or company
  • a retreat center, an agency or a restaurant
  • an artist, visionary or musician

If you feel that we share the same values and principles and that I could be of assistance in manifesting your vision, please contact me to discuss further details.

I work on English and German language projects.

Web Design

  • domain registration
  • web design
  • online shop
  • ticket sale
  • seminar calendar
  • booking forms
  • multi language sites
  • newsletter
  • domain administration


Graphic Design

  • logo design
  • flyer design
  • poster design
  • online layouts
  • business cards
  • sticker
  • label
  • banner


  • planning calculation and organization of retreats, seminars and workshops
  • seminar travel management
  • tour organization



Hello, my name is Markus…

My focus in web design and logo design is on an appealing style with aesthetic appearance and artistic expression.
For the web designs I work with the N°1 website building system Divi Builder, which is based on WordPress and allows to create custom themes and designs from scratch intuitively and with a bright variety of tools.

I have acquired the necessary skills to design attractive websites and unique logos or other design layouts over several years of self-study and applied them to various projects.

In addition, I have gained extensive experience in event management, retreat and seminar planning and organization for various projects of my own as well as external projects. I´m experienced in  planning, calculating, organizing and holding retreats, seminar travels and seminar tours. I have been organizing events in the electronic music szene for 7 years and for the last 8 years I have been organizing seminars and retreats in the field of transformation work, tours in Europe with indigenous healers from Preu and retreat travels to Peru.
The focus for this is on inner healing work.


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